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COLPability: Driving your firm towards full SRA Compliance

COLPability The online COLP & COFA regulatory compliance tool

  • Assess
  • Improve
  • Report

Guide your firm towards OFR compliance using this personalised, step-by-step checklist and report generator.

  • See how OFR compliant your firm is
  • Download reports and plug compliance gaps
  • Track compliance using traffic light scoring
  • Produce compliance audit trail
  • Generate information to aid SRA reporting

Designed specifically for a firm's Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) and Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA), COLPability is an online compliance system and control which assesses compliance with SRA Outcomes-Focused Regulation (OFR). It enables a COLP and COFA to evidence to SRA precisely where their firm is in relation to compliance matters both currently and historically.

COLPability works through each of the SRA Principles and the Outcomes for the COLP. For the COFA it has systems and controls and audit questions relating to both SRA Accounts Rules compliance as well as for general financial governance. COLPability is unique in that it concentrates in highlighting and evidencing the SRA compliance progress which a firm has attained.

COLPability is an outcomes based SRA audit software tool which:

  • covers each specific SRA Outcome
  • deals with each of the SRA Principles
  • has a specific COFA section
  • can form a key part of your firm’s compliance plan and risk management processes
  • provides an audit trail of compliance activity and achievements
  • has high quality and flexible reporting functions (both internal and to SRA).

Its Red, Amber Green (RAG) assessment of each outcome provides maximum visibility of compliance performance. It identifies gaps where improvements are required in each area of responsibility for the COLP and COFA.

COLPability’s target market is COLPs and COFAs who undertake fee earning or support roles in their firm in addition to their COLP/COFA functions and who will benefit from the substantial time and efficiency savings COLPability offers.

Its pricing is hugely competitive. The Free 21 Day Trial is totally without obligation – no credit card or other payment details are taken.

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"Probably the most cost-effective purchase we've made in years." Partner, medium-sized commercial firm, South Wales

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