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COLPability: Driving your firm towards full SRA Compliance

COLP & COFA documents

The SRA expects every law firm to be able to provide evidence of OFR compliance.

That's where COLPability can help. Our documents section contains a range of easily downloadable documents (in Word or Excel format) which law firms need to have in place to evidence OFR compliance. COLPability’s documents are designed to be user-friendly and to provide an audit trail of a firm’s compliance framework. These documents interface with how COLPability functions.

Example documents include:

  • Appointment letters for COLP/COFA
  • Authorisation Rules Checklist
  • Compliance Plan
  • Compliance Policy
  • Breaches Register
  • Treating Clients Fairly Policy
  • Complaints Register
  • Risk Management Register
  • Conflicts of Interest Register
  • File review scoring spreadsheet
  • Management meeting agenda template
  • Statutory Obligations Register

Why compliance is easier with COLPability:

  • You're set on the right course. Our reports and documents are detailed and thorough, and our questions cover systems and controls and outputs.
  • It helps you provide evidence to support the regulator’s assessment of your firm's compliance. Simply download, complete and save reports, ready to produce as part of your SRA annual report.

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"Compliance is a classic candidate for that last minute rush. What I love about COLPability is that it steers you away from this. Because it's accessible, you're happy to dip in and out and before you know it you've converted another area of non-compliance into compliance." 3 partner, commercial firm, London

How much does COLPability cost?

Annual Standard User licence fee £475 plus VAT

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