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COLPability: Driving your firm towards full SRA Compliance

How it works

COLPability measures and demonstrates compliance with Outcomes–Focused Regulation applicable to SRA regulated firms. It assesses compliance both with the Principles and specific Outcomes set out in the SRA Code of Conduct (2011).

COLPability provides a list of questions (both as to systems/controls as well as outputs) for each Outcome as well as providing specific questions for each Principle.

Outcome questions

This helps you consider all factors you need to take into account in assessing your compliance. Any areas of improvement generate gaps which are prioritised and have suggested remedial action points. Traffic light scoring and compliance graphs give visibility to your performance.

Compliance progress chart and pie chart

The Cost

COLPability has 2 packages, STANDARD and ENHANCED. The STANDARD package includes full access to all OFR Outcomes (Client, Business, Regulator and Dealing With Others) as well as all COLPability related reports and unlimited technical support. The ENHANCED package includes all STANDARD features together with the COFA section and COLP/COFA documents (Resources). Please see our pricing options and terms and conditions of use.

And that's not all...

COLPability tells you what you need to do to become more OFR compliant. It offers downloadable documents to help you do this, so there's no need to create these yourselves.

It also lets you create an audit trail of your compliance and track your improvements as you go along with PDF reports. So when your annual compliance report is called on by the SRA, there's no last minute rush; COLPability converts the information you've fed in throughout the year into neat, clear documents which show the steps you have taken to improve and achieve your compliance with OFR.

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Why law firms are relying on COLPability:

  • It covers the key areas a firm needs to address to be OFR compliant. We've scrutinised the Principles, Outcomes and Indicative Behaviours and have broken these down into bite-sized action points.
  • It's easy to use. Tick boxes, plain English and traffic light scoring mean that information can be digested at a glance so you can identify your compliance hotspots.
  • COLPs don't need to worry about how to tackle compliance. COLPability helps them take control straightaway.
  • Cost-efficiency. The COLP is freed up for casework.
  • The COLP's job becomes less onerous. They instantly see where their firm falls short and can make the changes and record them as they go along.
  • It forms an integral part of your Compliance Plan.
  • It improves risk management and can reduce PI premiums.
  • Information can be accessed easily to generate SRA reports.
  • Compliance improves and firms function more efficiently.

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What our users say

"COLPability has clearly been created by people who know law firm compliance inside out. Everything is there – the checklists, the alerts, the reports. It really does make my job as COLP much, much easier." Sole practitioner, probate practice, Surrey

How much does COLPability cost?

Annual Standard User licence fee £475 plus VAT

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