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COLPability: Driving your firm towards full SRA Compliance

COLP & COFA reports

This is the engine room. It’s where the information you’ve input as part of the questionnaire process is crunched and turned into hard facts and guidance.


Each time you update the information stored in COLPability, a new report will be available for you to download. It will show your level of compliance and the areas in which you still need to improve. And it will tell you what you need to do next.

There are three main types of report available on-screen and in PDF format:

Gap Analysis Report

This shows the specific areas where your firm isn't yet OFR compliant.

COLPability Gap Analysis Report

A simple grading system shows you which gaps are the most serious and it sets specific action points so you can prioritise your next steps.

Gaps Progress Chart

As your performance improves, the gaps should be closed down.

COLPability Gap Closure Chart

A graph shows how well you're doing in improving compliance through gap closure.

Reports can be graded by compliance area or gap severity or a combination of both.

COLPability Gap Report filtering options

Areas of good or bad compliance performance will show up instantly.

PDF Gaps Report

COLPability Gap Report PDF

Reports can be saved in PDF format.

Outcome Compliance Report

Your current level of compliance is shown here. You can tailor the report to show either selected or all Outcomes.

COLPability Compliance Report

Gives snapshot of compliance at specified dates. User-friendly format to aid prompt risk assessment and to identify any remedial action needed.

The results are graded using traffic light scoring, so you’ll spot the most serious compliance gaps straight away.

COLPability Compliance Report with traffic light scoring

Generates PDF reports of compliance with Outcomes. The level of detail can be varied.

Additional Information Report

Gives reports on specific information generated by COLPability.

COLPability Additional Information Report

Includes reports on complaints data.

COLPability Additional Information Report based on SRA Compliance Principles

Report allows you to check on your compliance with respect to SRA Compliance Principles.

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"Before COLPability, we had no real measure of just how compliant we were as a firm. Now I can see everything at a glance; where we're doing well and what we need to work on. COLPability seems to have been built with the busy lawyer in mind." 2 partner firm, Swansea

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Annual Standard User licence fee £475 plus VAT

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